Have you seen the music video of our song The Ride Begins ?

It is finally time for us to share an amazing news with you: Evenmore is going on tour!



1 year ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! After this memorable year, we wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2019. Don't forget to add "stay metal" on your new year's resolutions list!

1 year ago

Happy Rocking Birthday to you, Landry!! 🤟

1 year ago

Lyon, au vu de la situation actuelle due au blocage national et de son évolution imprévisible, Evenmore ne participera malheureusement pas au concert au MJC O TOTEM ce soir. Nous sommes désolés ... See more

1 year ago

Happy birthday Matthieu!! Have a good one 😉

2 years ago
Serenity Fan Legion

Will you cry ?
Very cool video of our last show in Estavayer, Switzerland. Thanks Serenity Fan Legion !

Melissa Bonny was recently headlining with her band Evenmore in Switzerland.
Here is "Will You Cry"
Show her and her boys some love by liking their ... See more

2 years ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Valentin Magnenat !! Have a good one 🙂

Picture by Hugues Timmermans

2 years ago
Serenity Fan Legion

Video of our concert in Estavayer, Switzerland. Thank you very much Hugues !

I guess you all remember Melissa Bonny. Here is a video shot during her headlining show in Switzerland

2 years ago
LIVE 2018

L'Azimut - 31.03.2018
Picture by Humair Eric

2 years ago
Photo de couverture de Evenmore

Symphonic Metal Nights
Picture by Laili Soeng

2 years ago
HT Concert Pix

Thanks Hugues Timmermans for these wonderful pictures!

Swiss folk metal band Evenmore gave an amazing headliner show last March in Estavayer-le-lac (Switzerland)
With Melissa Bonny, Landry Pernet, Florian Bard, @matthieubopp, and Valentin Magnenat
These ... See more

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